Soundigital puts on the market the most modern in terms of power, quality and design. Containing several technological innovations, the SD12KD SMD stands out for being so versatile in terms of functions and size that nothing compares to it. This model has an RCA input and can be used in any type of sound system. It also has gain adjustment to adjust volume and cut frequency for drivers and subwoofers.



Maximum power (*) = 12KW
Frequency response = 5Hz to 15KHz
Input sensitivity = 0.5V to 6V
High Pass filter = 20Hz to 80Hz
Low Pass filter = 50Hz to 15KHz
Supply voltage (**) = 12.6V (10V to 16V)
FA Dumping Factor = 200 @ 1Ω
Total harmonic distortion = <1%
Consumption at rest = 3.5A
Maximum consumption (resistive load) = 1200A
Maximum consumption (musical signal) = 960A
SMD assembly = Yes
Weight (Kg) (* **) = 12Kg

Length = 640mm
Width = 330mm
Height = 73mm
Versions (****) = 1Ω
Power with twice the specified impedance = 9.6KW
(*) Power in Watts RMS with stable supply voltage at 12.6V.
(**) Voltage above 14.4V should only be applied as a competition
(***) Weight with packaging and rounding for the purposes of calculating freight.
(****) Check the impedance on the identification tag affixed to the amplifier

Package Contents
1 SD12KD SMD Amplifier
1 User Manual
1 Soundigital Adhesive

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